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OTW's Online Convention!

Intro, Hodgepodge Challenge

OTW Online Con

online con

It's a party in our pants!

Intro, Hodgepodge Challenge

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A city built on rock and roll
Welcome to otw_onlinecon!

The con is going to be ten days of celebrating what's brought you all to this post - fandom! We're going to have some challenges, a couple of panels, a couple of events, and hopefully some exciting good times.

To head off the inevitable question: no, you do not need to be an OTW member in order to participate in the fun! We want everyone and anyone in fandom that finds their way here to enjoy themselves.

That said, let's get underway! We'll start out with a fun icebreaker type challenge, and get going with our themed challenges and events tomorrow. All of the challenges in this community will last for the duration of the convention, but we'll be offering multiple challenges as we go along to spice it up and offer some variety. So if one particular challenge isn't necessarily your thing, hopefully the next one will be!

We’ve become increasingly multi-fannish as our f-lists and friends expose us (sometimes, unwillingly!) to different fandoms. This initial challenge in otw_onlinecon is to celebrate the fact that if we were ever stopped on the street and asked to name a character on television shows we’ve never watched, and win a million dollars, many of us totally COULD. It’s also a great meet and greet type of challenge, because I’ve spread the prompts out in random order, so you’ll maybe even stumble across something you didn’t even know you longed to read!

How the Hodgepodge Challenge Works: I’ve set up a *huge* list of prompts that I’m going to post in the comments here. In case you are wondering if you are crazy because you're getting a sense of deja vu, you're not. I'm totally copying all of this from a challenge I ran before, and keeping it mostly the same because I liked the way it worked so much. *g*

When I say 'mostly', there is one change. You'll find a few more inanimate objects in these prompts, and we're going to encourage you to be especially creative in these. For example, if you see a set of characters - SGA - John, Rodney, Thin Mint, the natural progression just might be to change John into a Thin Mint. (Except this is only an example, seeing as how that has already been done in SGA fandom.) Otherwise, you can go the other routes - John has to sell Thin Mints. Rodney eats Thin Mints. Rodney is deathly allergic to Thin Mints. John is forced to marry a box of Thin Mints on an especially wacky off-world mission.

In other words: Go. Wild.

The Rules:

1. Pick the drabble/ficlet you want to write (anywhere from 100 words to whatever the LJ maximum is for *one* comment) and claim it by commenting in response that you're taking it. Then post your response in the same thread.

2. All of the prompts must be taken before people can double up on prompts. Bribe/blackmail people on your flist to take something!

3. If you finish a prompt and want to take another one, feel free!

Try to write your prompt within one day of selecting it, since we’re going to be rolling right along on challenges in this community! If prompts are taken especially swiftly, no worries, we can always add more.

Have fun!
  • Sherlock Holmes - Holmes, Watson, rose petals
    • Taking it!
      • "The Adventure of the Thorn-less Rose" (300 words)

        Holmes had spent the better part of an hour clambering through the rather wild shrubbery at Lady Chamberlain's summer house. He refused to tell me what he was looking for, and so I stood on the sun-drenched lawn watching him ruin his formerly-immaculate wool trousers and enjoying the sweet summer air.

        At last, he let out a cry, and I observed him bend, pluck something minuscule off of a thorn, wrap in in a handkerchief, and stuff it into his breast pocket. He then emerged from the jungle, still not divulging the slightest hint of what he had found, but in the highest spirits. “Come along, Watson!” he cried, “We must catch the one forty-five for Hertford, or all shall be lost!”

        Noting that familiar predatory gleam in his eye, I could not help but smile with him as we ran to the carriage. He urged the driver to haste with a sharp word and an exorbitant fee, all the while brushing dirt and crushed leaves from his clothes. As we boarded the train, he lectured me on the romantic history of Lady Chamberlain's maternal uncle, Roderick Smith-Hewlett, still fastidiously trying to rub mud stains off his knees with what I hoped was a different handkerchief.

        Suddenly, he paused, took a breath, and, looking me directly into the eye, asked. “Do you see the connection, Watson?”

        I confessed that I did not. He dropped his gaze, apparently disappointed, though I could not imagine why, as I so rarely saw what he did.

        Before he could explain, I reached across our carriage, gently lifted a crimson rose petal from his hair, and brought it to my lips before securing it my own left breast pocket.

        Holmes did not utter another word until the train pulled into Hertford.
  • Re: "The Adventure of the Thorn-less Rose" (300 words)

    Ah, this is wonderful. Your choice of language is so close to the original, and I love the sense of Watson's confusion it conveys.
    • Re: "The Adventure of the Thorn-less Rose" (300 words)

      Thank you. I'm glad you feel it rings true. I usually write Holmes' POV.
  • Re: "The Adventure of the Thorn-less Rose" (300 words)

    beautifully written.
  • Re: "The Adventure of the Thorn-less Rose" (300 words)

    Oh, NICE. Holmes speechless=awesome.
    • Re: "The Adventure of the Thorn-less Rose" (300 words)

      Thanks. Watson knows his man -g-
  • Re: "The Adventure of the Thorn-less Rose" (300 words)

    OK. Enough chasing after your Holmes/Watson stories. Have friended you, so I can catch them all as they appear.

    I really like your Watson - wry and patient, just like in the Granada series.
    • Re: "The Adventure of the Thorn-less Rose" (300 words)

      AHHH! She's stalking me!

      I don't write them a lot of S&H, that's the total of four years, though I hope to do more with my new fic commitments.

      I've probably seen two of the Granada episodes ever. I like the radio adaptation.
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