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Future Challenge - Stories EXTREME

Over at the OTW, we're pretty excited about the archive we're building, which is scheduled to go live in a few short months.

Welcome to the Stories EXTREME! challenge. This is our 'Future' Challenge, because we're going to use some of the scenarios you come up with here to test that nifty archive when the time comes. What we want is...well. Whatever you feel like doing. We want a bizarre and complicated title, fandom(s), pairing(s), warning(s), author notes, summary, etc. The more unusual and out-there the better, except it would ideally be a story you can actually imagine someone writing.

And you know, hey. You can actually *write* a full length crazed story. Or take what we might traditionally call a 'badfic' story premise and...try to make it awesome. Or you can take someone else's summary here and turn it into something a bit more fleshed out.

You can take these scenarios and make them as far-fetched (or not as out there as we all might like to think) as you'd like. Have you been looking for an excuse to write that David Cook as a student at Hogwarts snippet? Here's your chance.

(Thanks to femmequixotic for the...inspiring graphic!)


Bad Manips (and the Stories that Love Them Anyway)

1) Make a 'bad' manip/piece of art. Bad being defined as: their heads are pasted on! Colors schemes that hurt your eyes! Where *is* that pesky body part! (Or, hey, you can make an actually good manip/art with just a cracky premise - bring out the your-character-is-suddenly-a-unicorn! goodness.) And...hey, if you can figure out what a 'bad' vidlet means to you, those are totally welcome too.

2) Post your 'bad' (or good!) manip/art here.

3) Authors, scroll through and see if something piques your interest - and write about any one of the fine pieces of art. Any story length is permitted!

Don't forget to come back and link your work here if you participate!

We're going to be wrapping up the convention this week, so submissions for all challenges and panels need to be finished by this week Friday!

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