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OTW's Online Convention!

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OTW Online Con

online con

It's a party in our pants!


June 11th, 2008

Allrighty, folks - there was an Open Fandom 24 Hour Chat, a few icons got made, a *lot* of ficlets were written, and people got to reminisce about the days of fannish yore. I think that means we can wrap up our little online convention!

Don't hold me to anything, but I'm thinking we're definitely going to have to do some kind of celebration later this summer when the archive opens! After this, I think I have a better idea of how to organize it. *g*

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the events on this community!

PS: We realize that perhaps some of you hadn't heard of the OTW until something caught your eye from this community. Please stay tuned to otw_news next week where we'll be having a fun Question and Answer session. It'll be kind of like our IRC chats, only...not really. Either way, good times shall be had!

June 1st, 2008

Over at the OTW, we're pretty excited about the archive we're building, which is scheduled to go live in a few short months.

Welcome to the Stories EXTREME! challenge. This is our 'Future' Challenge, because we're going to use some of the scenarios you come up with here to test that nifty archive when the time comes. What we want is...well. Whatever you feel like doing. We want a bizarre and complicated title, fandom(s), pairing(s), warning(s), author notes, summary, etc. The more unusual and out-there the better, except it would ideally be a story you can actually imagine someone writing.

And you know, hey. You can actually *write* a full length crazed story. Or take what we might traditionally call a 'badfic' story premise and...try to make it awesome. Or you can take someone else's summary here and turn it into something a bit more fleshed out.

You can take these scenarios and make them as far-fetched (or not as out there as we all might like to think) as you'd like. Have you been looking for an excuse to write that David Cook as a student at Hogwarts snippet? Here's your chance.

(Thanks to femmequixotic for the...inspiring graphic!)


Bad Manips (and the Stories that Love Them Anyway)

1) Make a 'bad' manip/piece of art. Bad being defined as: their heads are pasted on! Colors schemes that hurt your eyes! Where *is* that pesky body part! (Or, hey, you can make an actually good manip/art with just a cracky premise - bring out the your-character-is-suddenly-a-unicorn! goodness.) And...hey, if you can figure out what a 'bad' vidlet means to you, those are totally welcome too.

2) Post your 'bad' (or good!) manip/art here.

3) Authors, scroll through and see if something piques your interest - and write about any one of the fine pieces of art. Any story length is permitted!

Don't forget to come back and link your work here if you participate!

We're going to be wrapping up the convention this week, so submissions for all challenges and panels need to be finished by this week Friday!

May 29th, 2008

It is Open Fandom Chat Day! I've opened up a room on AIM, and it'll be open for the next 24 hours. Drop in at your convenience, and hopefully (*eyes people*) there will be chatters in there!

The room is 'grr' on AIM, and you can invite yourself to the chatroom at any time. ETA: We have changed the name of the chatroom since AIM decided to revolt. Once again, the new name of the room is 'grr'.

To be totally clear, there will be no OTW official chatter or anything like that, it's just a chatroom for anyone fannish to come on in and chat about...you know. That cool Discovery Channel commercial. Fannish glee things. *grins*

Now, just how fun that will be is wholly contingent on people *showing up*. So please do try to pop in for a bit of time today! And invite in whoever you'd like - fandom party on AIM! Go download it if you don't have it, and join us.

May 27th, 2008

While you can absolutely still participate in the challenges and panel for the 'Past' portion of the convention, we're going to start the 'Present' part now. (Don't forget though, icon requests are starting up in the previous post!)

We want as many people to be able to participate as possible, so you can write for this challenge, do a one minute vidlet, or draw/manip/create art to your heart's content. Absolutely any fandom you can think of goes!

The 'Present' Challenge - ('Present' because...well, you can now use your current fandoms! Whee!)

Drunken Bar Conversation Topics - Anything featuring a character in a bar/pub, or...conversation snafus that happen whilst one is intoxicated. Or two characters walk into a bar. SOMETHING and SOMETHING walk into a bar. Are you seeing the running theme here?


Your (possibly favorite) character's favorite (or most memorable) Birthday! (Self-explanatory, yes?)

Please post a link to any submissions for this challenge in this post, along with your story notes/fandom.
(The HodgePodge Challenge is full of multi-fandom goodness, the Blast From Your Fannish Past Challenge has some awesome submissions and our panel on your personal fannish history is going along swimmingly. Feel free to join in on the fun of any or all! We're going to extend the length of the con for a couple of days to fit in everything.)

1) Announcement! We're going to have an OPEN FANDOM CHAT DATE - All day long, Thursday, May 29th. I'll post when the chatroom opens with the name so everyone can enter at their leisure. It'll be on AIM, so if you do not have it - plenty of time to download! To be totally clear, there will be no OTW official chatter or anything like that, it's just a chatroom for anyone fannish to come on in and chat about...you know. That cool Discovery Channel commercial. Fannish glee things. *grins*

Now, just how fun that will be is wholly contingent on people *showing up*. So please do try to pop in for a bit of time on Thursday - I'll open it at midnight my time (CST), and it'll run for 24 hours, so...here's hoping we get some great turnout.

2) ICON "FACE-PAINTING" EVENT! Let's have fun with icons! Originally when we discussed plans for otw_onlinecon, we were going to go with a bit of a Carnival theme, and what do you do when you go to a Carnival sometimes? You get your face painted!

The equivalent of that around these parts is making icons. If you've had a neat idea for an icon and just never got around to making it or asking a friend or your flist to help you out with it, then come on in here, make a request, post some helpful source pictures if you can, and let's see if we can't have some new shiny things in our journals.

May 22nd, 2008

Continuing in the 'Past' portion of our convention -

I'm always fascinated by exactly *how* people wind up wherever they are in fandom. There are those among us who have never participated in an active way until LiveJournal, there are those of us who were around when zines were mailed across oceans and you corresponded by *gasp* snail mail. Some people don't have a clue what Usenet is, and have an equally blank stare reserved for LISTSERV. Perhaps a few of you reading this have never used LiveJournal or a different blogging service at all, or are in fandoms, but just don't really talk about them or are content to just read and be present, if not necessarily active.

Everyone has a different entry point into fandom, and this panel is intended to tell a few of our fannish stories. People have posted their fannish CV/resumes - so you could think of this as your Cliff's Notes to your fannish autobiography. Or hey, feel free to post your own fannish CV/resume.

Some suggestions, but tell your history however you'd like! It is *your* history, after all.

- What were your favorite sites to lurk? And if you lurked, perhaps talk about why you lurked.
- Where was your participation the heaviest?
- Tell about the friends you picked up on the way!
- Trace your technology - (for instance, I went: ezboards --> mailing lists --> TWOP/message boards --> LiveJournal)
- List off your fandoms chronologically. Did you see members of a fandom you belonged to migrating in significant numbers to a different fandom? Did you speculate as to why?
- Talk about what you *did* in each fandom. Where did you first start reading, writing, vidding, etc. Was there a fandom where you issued your first ever challenge? In which fandom did you meet the first person you'd met through fandom?
- Are there any character archetypes that sucked you in again and again? (and have people used this totally against you in order to pull you into a fandom against your will? Because they know that you + ___ are OTP and you're utterly helpless before it?)
- Do you have any narrative/storytelling kinks that attracted you to your various fandoms?

And when you're done, comment below with a link to your post and...hmm. Perhaps list your fandoms chronologically in your comment as well; that could be fun to just take a look at in and of itself. *g*
Our Hodgepodge Challenge is ongoing - still quite a few unclaimed prompts, so hop on over if you'd like to get in on a nice bite-sized challenge.

For the rest of our challenges, we want as many people to be able to participate as possible, so you can write for the prompts, do a one minute vidlet for the prompts, or draw/manip/create art to your heart's content. Absolutely any fandom you can think of goes!

We'll be breaking the convention down into three sections/themes - Fannish Past, Fannish Present and our Fannish Future - don't worry, hopefully it'll be less lame than it sounds! *grins*

So let's start with where we've been. Our Challenge for our Fannish Past is as follows:

Thanks to phinjay for the graphic!

Challenge Details: Write/vid/create art for your first ever fandom.

Alternate Challenge: Crossover your First Fandom with your Current Fandom. Remember, writing, vidding, art - everything's allowed!

You can define your first ever fandom however you see fit - remember when you were a wee fanperson? Were you a devout follower of a book series and you had a little book group at lunch and you made trivia contests for your friends? And made mean buzzing noises when they got stuff wrong? (Or perhaps that was just me.) Or maybe you say your first fandom that you actively participated in was your first fandom - the fandom where you broke your fic cherry, where you drew that first horrible sketch of a character and you look back later and her arm was longer than her leg? And then you either smile fondly at the wee!you or look for the nearest matches?

Take a trip down Nostalgia Lane with us!

Comment here with a link to your submission, what fandom(s) you participated with, and any notes to perhaps pique interest in checking your post out.

Our 'Past' Fannish Panel is getting posted tonight, so stay tuned!

May 21st, 2008

Welcome to otw_onlinecon!

The con is going to be ten days of celebrating what's brought you all to this post - fandom! We're going to have some challenges, a couple of panels, a couple of events, and hopefully some exciting good times.

To head off the inevitable question: no, you do not need to be an OTW member in order to participate in the fun! We want everyone and anyone in fandom that finds their way here to enjoy themselves.

That said, let's get underway! We'll start out with a fun icebreaker type challenge, and get going with our themed challenges and events tomorrow. All of the challenges in this community will last for the duration of the convention, but we'll be offering multiple challenges as we go along to spice it up and offer some variety. So if one particular challenge isn't necessarily your thing, hopefully the next one will be!

We’ve become increasingly multi-fannish as our f-lists and friends expose us (sometimes, unwillingly!) to different fandoms. This initial challenge in otw_onlinecon is to celebrate the fact that if we were ever stopped on the street and asked to name a character on television shows we’ve never watched, and win a million dollars, many of us totally COULD. It’s also a great meet and greet type of challenge, because I’ve spread the prompts out in random order, so you’ll maybe even stumble across something you didn’t even know you longed to read!

How the Hodgepodge Challenge Works: I’ve set up a *huge* list of prompts that I’m going to post in the comments here. In case you are wondering if you are crazy because you're getting a sense of deja vu, you're not. I'm totally copying all of this from a challenge I ran before, and keeping it mostly the same because I liked the way it worked so much. *g*

When I say 'mostly', there is one change. You'll find a few more inanimate objects in these prompts, and we're going to encourage you to be especially creative in these. For example, if you see a set of characters - SGA - John, Rodney, Thin Mint, the natural progression just might be to change John into a Thin Mint. (Except this is only an example, seeing as how that has already been done in SGA fandom.) Otherwise, you can go the other routes - John has to sell Thin Mints. Rodney eats Thin Mints. Rodney is deathly allergic to Thin Mints. John is forced to marry a box of Thin Mints on an especially wacky off-world mission.

In other words: Go. Wild.

The Rules:

1. Pick the drabble/ficlet you want to write (anywhere from 100 words to whatever the LJ maximum is for *one* comment) and claim it by commenting in response that you're taking it. Then post your response in the same thread.

2. All of the prompts must be taken before people can double up on prompts. Bribe/blackmail people on your flist to take something!

3. If you finish a prompt and want to take another one, feel free!

Try to write your prompt within one day of selecting it, since we’re going to be rolling right along on challenges in this community! If prompts are taken especially swiftly, no worries, we can always add more.

Have fun!
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