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otw_onlinecon's Journal

OTW's Online Convention!
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This is the community where The Organization For Transformative Works (OTW) is hosting a multi-fandom convention from May 21st until May 29th. We're going to have challenges, panels and events! We also have communities on JournalFen and InsaneJournal, so if that is your primary blogging space, join us there at the same community name.

No one needs to be a member of OTW in order to participate in the Convention. We want and welcome everyone! To see our welcome post and initial challenge, go here. We're just here to celebrate fandom and all of its incredible awesomeness, and we've decided to do that by getting people to write fic/create art/create vids/talk.

If you're not sure what the OTW is, and want to find out, our website is an awesome place to start. We just celebrated the fact that we've existed for a whole year now, and you can also check out that post if you'd like a bit of background on us. otw_news is chock full of information-y goodness. If you've still got questions, well! That's what the Community Relations committee is for - and you can find us at comrel @ transformativeworks.org (minus those pesky spaces).